Are You Spooked By a Toilet That Randomly Flushes?


Could it be one of the ghosts of Old Town Alexandria or is this a real plumbing problem?

There are many haunting ghost stories throughout Northern Virginia so you may rightly wonder if you have a ghost when you hear your toilet flushing on its own! But according to the plumbers at M.E. Flow it’s just the first sign of a failing toilet flapper! The phenomenon has been coined “ghost flushing” or “phantom flushing” and it’s not even caused by a ghost!!

Why does my toilet flush on its own? A deteriorating or bad flapper is the source of the problem. When the flapper is bad and not working properly it creates a slow leak from the toilet tank to the bowl. When the water level drops below a certain point, the float signals the tank to refill and that creates the “ghost flushing” sound you hear from the toilet.

Old or worn-out flappers cause leaking toilets.  According to the website, old or worn-out flappers can cause toilet leaks. Over time the flappers accumulate a build up of minerals from the water and decay. Replacing an old flapper is the solution. This leak can be fixed with a quick trip to the hardware store or a quick call to a licensed plumber near you!

How to identify and fix other common plumbing problems? Now that the mystery of the flushing toilet is solved you can uncover other plumbing issues in your home by having a whole home plumbing inspection performed by a licensed plumber. 

Why a plumbing inspection? Three simple words…peace of mind. Potential plumbing problems are addressed during the inspection. If any repairs are needed the M.E. Flow plumbers have stocked trucks and can make plumbing repairs. 

Need your toilet fixed? M.E. Flow has a plumber near you. Serving all of Northern Virginia with office locations in Alexandria, Leesburg and Winchester. 

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