With Saniflo and M.E. Flow in Alexandria installing another toilet is possible!

Ever wish you had another toilet in the house? Could you use a second bathroom? Have you been told by a contractor that you would have to break up the concrete floor in your basement to add that bathroom?

In this article you’ll discover a new product that offers an easy way to have a plumber install another bathroom, a wet bar, and even a laundry room virtually anywhere in your home.

Yes, you can have another toilet installed or full bath almost anywhere you desire with a product called Saniflo. In fact it does not stop with a simple bathroom, you can install another toilet, complete bathroom, kitchen sink, wet bar, and even relocate a laundry room!

[youtube embed=”rZUN5kt63Qw” autoplay=”1″ mute=”1″]

Saniflo is perfect for installing a bathroom anywhere without major construction! Plus it’s perfect for:

  • Remodeling older homes
  • Finishing off your basement
  • Adding an in-law suite
  • Converting a garage

For a more in depth look at how this works scroll down to watch the second video. Please know that M.E. Flow in Alexandria is an authorized Saniflo installer.

[youtube embed=”YkeRtNvv6gY” autoplay=”0″ mute=”1″]

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