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Heat Pump ContractorIf you are looking for a contractor to service, repair, or provide routine maintenance for the heat pump system in your home, you have found the right contractor. M.E. Flow specializes in repairing, installing, and maintaining heat pump systems and are committed to excellence. We’ve been working with homeowners in northern Virginia since 1951 and have resolved many issues quickly and efficiently.

Heat Pump Systems Include:

Benefits of a Heat Pump:

  • Enhanced Home Comfort – A heat pump system heats the interior more gradually than a furnace, which results in a smaller temperature fluctuation.
  • Lower Heating Costs – Rather than burn fuel, heat pumps simply transfer heat. This makes them a green choice!
  • Cooling Capability – There’s no need to install a separate cooling system. When it’s warm outside, your system acts like an air conditioner, removing heat from your home and making it comfortable.
  • Emergency Heat Available – You’ll notice an option for emergency heat on your thermostat. As the name implies, it’s to be used only in an emergency. Be sure to discuss the use of the backup emergency heat option during your maintenance inspection with an HVAC technician.

What’s Right for Your Home?

heat pump

Before you choose a heat pump over a traditional furnace and air conditioner, you should consider the pros and cons. With so many energy efficient heating and cooling options, the heat pump system may or may not be the right system for you.

Find out why energy-conscious consumers are installing heat pumps and see the utility rebates. Please feel free to call us or fill out the form on this site to request a no-obligation estimate.

For information on using your heat pump during heavy amounts of snowfall, click here.


Recommend for a New Heat Pump Replacement

I would like to share my experience dealing with M.E. Flow. The very first phone call I made was taken by Tara who is the advisor coordinator for the company. The rest is history. She explained every thing very clear and in 3 business days she had a crew replacing my limbing worn out heat pump with a new American Standard unit. The experienced technicians showed up on time and went to work and in 6 hours my new system was working plus they were very careful to leave my home free and clean of any debris.
I surely do recommend this company to my friends and family.
–John L. in Reston, Virginia