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Heavy rains and melting snow are no joke in Northern Virginia

sump pumpHaving a sump pump installed is your first line of defense to protect your home from flooding. It’s recommend to check your existing sump pump regularly to make sure it’s working. Also, in the event you lose power it’s best to have a battery back up system installed or have a pump that woks off of your city water pressure.

The possibility of water intrusion in your home is a common concern in Northern Virginia–even in the winter months.  With fluctuations in the weather, flooding due to rain and melting snow commonly happens. So, what can you do to avoid water leaking into your basement and prevent your basement from flooding? Working with a qualified plumbing contractor to installing a sump pump and a battery backup is the best solution. Or, if you’re on city water another solution is a  water powered sump pump.

A sump pump simply is a device that pumps water out of the home to a place where it can drain properly. The pump is usually placed in a pit, which is a hole dug into the lowest-lying point in a basement or crawl space.  Most sump pumps are the submersible types, which means the motor and electronic components are housed within a sealed, waterproof plastic shell. The submersible pump can be placed directly in the accumulated water pit. When the sensors detect water it activates the pump and forces the water into the drain — removing the water and taking it outside.

In addition to installing a sump pump and a battery back up, or a water powered sump pump, you may want to take other precautionary measures, like waterproofing your basement and diverting runoff water away from your home. Do remember to work with a qualified licensed plumber, too.

Why do sump pumps sometime fail and how you can avoid yours from failing?
Homeowners get busy and forget to regularly check and maintain their sump pump. It’s suggested that you check and test your sump pump every month.

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