4 Reasons Why It Pays to Keep Your AC Coil Clean

dirty coil

What’s out of sight, out of mind, and can make your air conditioner fail and your electric bills increase? It’s a question that many of us have never even thought about until we have found ourselves face-to-face with the air conditioner repair man.

It’s a dirty coil. Having a dirty coil is a problem that’s experienced by many of our heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) customers who find their central air conditioning systems fail to keep them cool during the hottest summer days. In fact, many who call an AC repair company don’t remember the last time they had their central air conditioner serviced or when they changed their filters.

So what happens when your coil is dirty?

  1. Your energy consumption increases–it can increase up to 30% more than equipment with a clean coil.
  2. As dirt collects on the coil, it restricts the heat transfer causing the compressor to work harder. This reduces the air conditioner’s cooling capacity. This loss of cooling is most noticeable on the hottest days.
  3. The life of your HVAC equipment is shortened. When the compressor is stressed, it will eventually fail. The higher operating pressures cause the breakdown of lubricants and acid formation–which will eventually lead to a costly compressor replacement.
  4. The coil becomes a breeding ground for mold and bacteria that will impact the quality of your indoor air– you can see in this picture what a dirty coil looks like.

The best way to keep your coil clean and your HVAC system humming like new is with routine maintenance and keeping your filters clean.

Here are 4 reasons to keep your coil clean:

  1. You’ll save on energy costs because your system will be operating at optimal efficiency.
  2. Your air conditioner will be reliable which will prevent costly breakdowns and repair bills.
  3. You will prolong the life of your equipment which means you’ll get more years out of your HVAC system before you have to replace it.
  4. Your indoor air quality will be improved—which is a health benefit for everyone in the house.

It’s not likely that anyone would choose to keep a dirty coil–it’s out of sight and it’s not on your mind. However, by having this opportunity to see what a dirty coil looks like– you definitely don’t want a dirty coil in your HVAC system! Keeping a clean coil will keep money in your pocket.

The best way to never forget about servicing your heating and cooling system is to look into a service agreement plan with a licensed HVAC contractor and to choose an HVAC contractor that employs NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified technicians.

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