How to Choose an Energy Efficient Replacement Water Heater


With new energy efficiency standards in place for residential water heaters since April 2015 — how are consumers without a complete understanding of the energy efficient standards able to choose the most energy efficient water heater replacement?

Well, as they say in business… brand awareness is key- and there is no better example of this than the power of the ENERGY STAR brand. We’ve all seen the ENERGY STAR label while shopping for appliances for the home and many of us have an understanding of its value without seeing the label. Do you remember the last time you were making an appliance purchase for your home and you made your decision based on choosing the product with the ENERGY STAR label– I do. My last appliance purchase was a TV and when it came down to choosing the right TV for me— my decision weighed on choosing the one that displayed the ENERGY STAR label.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Consortium for Energy (CEE), the ENERGY STAR label continues to be strongly recognized and used by the majority of Americans. The report showed that in 2014, 81 percent of households have seen or heard of the ENERGY STAR label. While the ENERGY STAR label is the national symbol of energy efficiency, it can be one of the best ways for consumers to easily identify the most efficient water heaters and other appliances for their homes.

So, when replacing the water heater in your home, while there are many different types of water heaters to look at:

  • Electric storage
  • Gas storage
  • Heat pump
  • Gas tankless
  • Boiler combination water heater

Looking for the ENERGY STAR label on water heaters will continue to be a way to easily distinguish the water heaters with the best energy efficiency.

As many of today’s energy conscious consumers continue to replace their older inefficient water heaters and home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems with today’s ENERGY STAR labeled appliances we will all see lower energy bills from their efficiency. While these ENERGY STAR water heater replacements do have a higher upfront cost they typically will payback with their lower operating costs within a few years.

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