Solution for a Damp and Musty Smelling Basement


Do you have a media room or playroom in your basement that is not being used? It’s likely not being used because it’s damp and smells musty. Here is a simple solution to making your basement as comfortable as your upstairs.

If you live in Northern Virginia, you too may be using your basement for additional living space. Like many other property owners you may have finished off or remodeled your basement— planning this space down to the finest detail, only to find out that you overlooked one detail…

As time passes and the newness of the finished basement wears off, you’re noticing that the basement is not being used like you thought it would be. You have even noticed that no mater how good it looks the area simply isn’t comfortable and in-fact:

  • It is cold and clammy
  • It smells musty
  • Mold and mildew are present

As beautiful as the finished space is, you know because it’s so damp and musty it’s not going to be used. In an attempt to cure the high humidity and dampness you invest in a portable dehumidifier, hoping it will eliminate the high level of humidity found in your basement. But the portable dehumidifier only creates more work because now you have to dump the water and it’s not making a real difference in the way the area feels. You’ve even noticed that your electric bill has spiked since you started using the portable dehumidifier.

So, what is the simple solution to making your basement as comfortable as your upstairs? The one detail you may have missed when you were planning the remodeling of your basement is a permanent and built-in way to control the excess humidity in your basement. The simple and best solution is the use of a high-capacity dehumidifier. The Aprilaire high-capacity dehumidifier eliminates the problems associated with excess moisture and high humidity. By having your heating and cooling professional install a high-capacity dehumidifier, you will get total comfort for your basement and you will:

  • Eliminate musty and smelly odors
  • Reduce your exposure to mold, mildew, and dust mites

In return, you will be able to take back your remodeled and finished basement and say goodbye to musty odors and the dampness!

Ready for an estimate on installing a whole home de-humidifier? Contact M.E. Flow today and a professional indoor air quality (IAQ) specialist will help you.

You can get a humidifier installed or request a quote for your home in Northern Virginia. With office locations in Leesburg, Alexandria, and Winchester, M.E. Flow is just a 15 minute drive to Ashburn, 20 minutes from Annandale, and 14 minutes from Stephens City, VA. Call heating, air conditioning, and plumbing contractor M.E. Flow today and meet with one of our heating and cooling professionals for a quote on installing a dehumidifier or replacing your home’s furnace. M.E. Flow, Inc. is now serving West Virginia, too, with complete heating, cooling and plumbing services.

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