M.E. Flow Summer Jingle 2015

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Hot, humid, and sultry–three words you don’t want to use to use to describe how it feels inside your home. As we enter into the summer months here in Northern Virginia, it’s hard to imagine a home without working air conditioning–but it happens! When our Virginia homes are not cool and comfortable, we’re miserable!

So here it is, it’s a typical day hot summer day and you’re enjoying your cool and comfortable air conditioned home. You run out to pick the kids up from soccer practice and when you get home you find that what was once a cool and comfortable environment is now hot, humid, and sultry–you can barely stand it! You and the kids scurry to look for working fans. You’re hot, and the kids are hot and thirsty. Everyone’s parched and longing for water to quench their thirst….you go to fill the glass with cold water…but wait…there’s no water!!

That really is a typically scenario of when your AC stops working. And according to Murphy Law, it’s a fine time to have a plumbing problem too!

What do you do if the house is getting warm and the air won’t blow and the drains are slow and the water won’t flow? No need to worry, you know where to go, just pick up the phone and call M.E. Flow!

Hope you enjoyed the new M.E. Flow summer video and jingle. We thank the cast, M.E. Flow service tech Danny, and Ken and his crew from Modern Filmworks located in Leesburg, Va.

Heating, cooling, plumbing, water and indoor air quality contractor, M.E. Flow, has been serving the Northern Virginia area since 1951. With office locations in Leesburg, Alexandria, and Winchester, M.E. Flow is just a 15 minute drive to Ashburn, 20 minutes from Annandale, and 14 minutes from Stephens City, VA. Call heating, air conditioning, and plumbing contractor M.E. Flow today for all your home comfort problems. M.E. Flow is now serving West Virginia, too, with complete home heating, air conditioing, and plumbing services.

Tip: The best way to keep your AC and plumbing working is with a maintenance plan. Most people simply are busy with the great adventures of life and forget to service their air conditioner. With a maintenance plan you never forget to service your AC system because it’s on our schedule! Your AC needs TLC just like your car!

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