Be Cool this Summer with a Ductless AC System

hot upstairs

Suffering with a hot upstairs? Are you having to use bulky portable fans and noisy window air conditioners to keep cool? If you are wishing there was a better way that would not spike your electric bill and you’re tired of losing sleep to the noisy portable cooling solutions– take a look at ductless AC (air conditioning). Read on and you too will become a fan of this super quiet and energy-efficient ductless cooling solution.

Now that the heat of summer has arrived, keeping your home cool and comfortable is even more important to your well being. The problem that many Ashburn, Winchester, and Old Town Alexandria homeowners have is keeping their three story homes cool and comfortable. For whatever reason they can’t keep the upstairs cool. For many of these homes, the top floor is the master bedroom and the unbearable heat makes it impossible to get a good night’s sleep.

Why is ductless AC the solution?

First, have you considered how your traditional heating and cooling system works? In layman’s terms, your home comfort system produces the desired air temperature and then pushes that air through a duct system. It’s not the most efficient pathway for air.

What does ductless mean, and how does it work?
Ductless is an energy-efficient air conditioning and heat pump system that uses refrigerate lines instead of ductwork–no ductwork needs to be installed! The ductless mini-split systems installed by M.E. Flow use the latest technology to give you both high-quality indoor air and precision control of room temperature–exactly what you want in this heat! The ductless system works by having two installed parts: an indoor unit and a connected outdoor unit. For residential systems, the indoor units can be wall mounted or floor mounted, and controlled with a hand held remote controller. The outdoor units can be for a single zone or if you have a number of rooms you want to make comfortable, you can go with a multi-zone system–which can control up to eight rooms.

Ductless is also referred to as split systems, multi-split systems, or split-ductless systems, ductless cooling and heating offers you a cost-effective way to replace portable fans and window AC units.

Ductless is quick and easy to install.

Easy installation is just another advantage of a ductless system. With no ductwork needed and only a small hole required in the wall, there is no having to rebuild walls or ceilings around ductwork.

Get a qualified ductless HVAC contractor.
Homeowners who are shopping for a ductless system can ensure their satisfaction by choosing a qualified HVAC contractor, like M.E. Flow. If you go with a HVAC contractor who is not experienced with ductless systems, you risk shoddy installations and many problems down the road.

Are You Ready to Beat the Heat?
Find out if ductless cooling is the right solution for you by calling M.E. Flow –the preferred ductless heating, ventilation, air conditioning, contractor (HVAC) in Northern Virginia. Our home comfort advisors will evaluate your cooling needs and help you get the relief and comfort you need to beat the heat and get a good night’s sleep! We have homeowner references in your area too! Go with “The Flow” fill out the form on this page or call us at 703-250-Flow, (571) 350-3183.

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