No Hot Water In Your House Or Shower At Your Winchester Home?

tankless heater

Not enough hot water? It may be time to replace your water heater an install a tankless water heater.

Has this happen to you? You have an extra hour in the morning, so you decide to sleep in. But when you get in your morning shower, the water is not hot. You’re quickly reminded that if you’re not in the shower before the kids, you’re not getting a hot shower–you’re getting a cold shower!

If you’re like many of the households in our plumbing service area of Northern Virginia, you’re turning to a trusted plumber to help you fix your water heating problems. Many homeowners think their lack of hot water indicates their storage tank water heater isn’t working properly and needs a repair, or that the water heater needs to be reset. When in-fact, the problem may be from your growing household and the distance of your storage water heater from your tub or shower.

Tankless water heaters are becoming the preferred choice for heating water and maintaining a steady stream of hot water for many homes, both big and small. In this post, we’ll share some of the great perks and benefits a tankless water heater can provide to any household in Virginia, as stated on the Energy Star website:

  1. Save you money on energy costs— Energy Star certified tankless water heaters can save a typical family $1,700 over the lifetime of the water heater–that’s on gas bills compared to standard storage water heater models.
  2. Continuous supply of hot water— you’ll be able to sleep in and not worry about getting the cold shower because you were last!
  3. Gain space— Once you remove that large storage water heater tank you gain additional floor space. The gas tankless water heater is small and mounts to the wall.
  4. Peace of mind–You’ll be overjoyed with the tankless’ 20 year life expectancy, and there is no worry about water damage from a leak in that old 50 gallon storage water heater.

If you’re looking for a real solution so you never run out of hot water –then it’s time to talk to an M.E. Flow Winchester plumber. We can switch your storage water heater to a tankless water heater, and you can ditch the shower schedule. With our plumbing office locations in Winchester, Alexandria, and Leesburg, M.E. Flow covers the entire Northern Virginia area and has a plumber in your neighborhood (even if you don’t live in Winchester) ready to help you. Call us today or fill out the form on this page to request an estimate! Or, call us to find out the tankless water heater installation cost.

You can purchase a top-rated Navien tankless water heater from M.E. Flow.

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