Winchester Water Quality

water quality

If you live in Winchester and you’re on city water you’ll be pleased with the 2015 drinking water quality report! It’s the report by the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This report determined the the tap water is safe to drink and is of higher quality than required by all state and federal standards for drinking water. You can view the complete findings of the water quality report for the City of Winchester on their website.

So, if the water quality report is good why do so many residents in the Winchester area still treat their water with a water filtration system? With the city water, because it’s treated with chlorine to disinfect and kill germs, it does add a chlorine odor and taste to the water. As noted at the City of Winchester webpage there are ways to remove the chlorine odors.

The water and health website also posted solutions on ways to remove the chlorine odor in the water:

  • Fill a pitcher of water and set it aside for several hours while chlorine dissipates, then transfer the water rapidly between two pitchers can accelerate chlorine dissipation.

However, if you are looking for an easier solution to reduce the odor you may want to install a whole home water filtration system/softening system. It will improve its taste and the odor–it will also reduce the hardness of the water!

Installing a whole-home water treatment solution by CSI Water Treatment Systems, City Softener, addresses other problems your water may have. It softens your water while removing the chlorine and chloramines at the same time.

Call the water softening and treatment specialist in Winchester —M.E. Flow for a no obligation customized solution. M.E. Flow specializes in treating both well and city water in Northern Virginia. Request a quote today at (571) 350-3183.

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