Goodman Furnace Repair: Tip From a Winchester Contractor


Who should you call to fix your Goodman furnace or air conditioning system?

Goodman HVAC equipment is a popular builder choice for new home construction, therefore there are many homes in Northern Virginia  and the Winchester area that have Goodman heating and cooling systems. With so many heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors, who do you call in Winchester to service your HVAC system?

You never know when your furnace or air conditioning will stop working! Just as we ended the winter season our heat stopped working in our Lake Frederick home. It was March 23 and the temperature inside the home was 64 degrees. Naturally, I called M.E. Flow, the company I work for, to fix my Goodman furnace!

The service technician who works in Winchester and came to our Lake Frederick home was Rick. Rick diagnosed the system and quickly discovered that the flame sensor was the problem with the furnace not working.  He cleaned the flame sensor and the heat came on! He also shared that M.E. Flow does clean the flame sensor during a heating tune-up and the importance of keeping up with the maintenance on the system.

By servicing your system regularly, you can maximize the life-cycle of your heating or cooling system and guard against unexpected failures.

You never know when and if you’re going to have a problem with your HVAC system…but it is good to know that there are HVAC companies, like M.E. Flow, who work on Goodman HVAC equipment regularly and can get your system working like new again! If you need help with your HVAC system be sure to give M.E. Flow a call! We service all makes and models and cover the entire Northern Virginia area! We are here to help you too!

Watch for our next post when I share tips to care for your Goodman Air Conditioning system. 

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