Tips to Know Before You Replace Your Home’s Boiler

If you live in an older home in Alexandria or Arlington with baseboard heating, you could be the owner of a boiler heating system. Many of the homes around Old Town Alexandria use boilers to heat the homes and many of the boilers are old and approaching the age of replacement. But just as important as choosing the right replacement boiler is choosing the right heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractor (HVAC).

Boilers with baseboard/radiant heat are a great source for heating your home. However, keeping your boiler in optimum shape takes effort! Years of winter heating takes a toll on your boiler as well as the piping and accessories attached to it. By having your annual tune-up/inspection performed, you’ll maximize your boiler’s performance and keep its efficiency up to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If you own a boiler heating system, you need a heating contractor that has experience and understands the complexity of your boiler heating system. M.E. Flow has been servicing, fixing, and replacing boilers in the Alexandria and Arlington areas for decades— we know all about boilers and can help you better understand yours.

Here are a few things to know when you go with “The Flow” for the replacement of your boiler:

Let the first-class team of boiler service technicians and installers at M.E. Flow help you! M.E. Flow is located at 6426 Richmond Highway in Alexandria with additional locations in Leesburg and Winchester. M.E. Flow is a family owned business too!

For additional tips about caring for your boiler—check out these boiler manufacturers.

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