The Future of Home Comfort Is Here

You now have a choice to cool and heat your entire home or just one room at a time. In this article we’ll share how ductless heating and cooling systems are solving home comfort problems and making homeowners happy about their electric bills!

Looking for a real solution to manage the cold and hot spots of your Northern Virginia home? What about a heating and AC solution that allows you the luxury of individual room temperature control and does not require adding more ductwork?

If you’re like many homeowners in Alexandria, Fairfax, Winchester, Leesburg and Northern Virginia you’re looking for ways to say goodbye to the portable space heaters and window ac units. You want a permanent solution to your home’s indoor comfort rather than the traditional methods of upgrading your home’s existing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system, or adding more ductwork.

The #1 brand of ductless HVAC systems, Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating, has created the perfect solution, and the future of home comfort is here! You now have a choice: cool and heat your entire home or just one room at a time–and it does not require installing additional ductwork. The ductless heating and cooling systems is nothing new– they’ve been around for quite some time, it’s just consumers and HVAC contractors typically tend to stick with traditional and existing types of HVAC systems. Before you decide if you should make the switch to a ductless system in your Northern Virginia home here are some considerations:

Advantages of a ductless system:

  • Individual control– you can control the temperature within any space in your home using a wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed, horizontal-ducted, or floor mounted indoor unit.
  • Reduce your energy consumption– Mitsubishi Electric INVERTER-driven compressor technology ensures that the ductless system uses only the exact amount of energy needed to cool or heat an area by automatically sensing and responding to changes in the area.
  • Allergen filtration– gives your room cleaner and healthier air to breath. Plus, you get washable long-life filters that improve your air quality.
  • No ductwork in needed– you don’t have to worry about a big construction mess or having to create space to hold more ductwork. This allows you to maintain and even improve the architectural integrity of your home.
  • Quiet operation– amazingly you get peace-and-quiet….you don’t hear these system!

Disadvantages of a ductless system:
Locating qualified HVAC installers has been a challenge for homeowners who want to install a ductless system. Many companies who are not qualified are installing them and leaving homeowners less than satisfied which unfortunately has given ductless a bad rap!

How to ensure you get the best ductless HVAC installation:

  1. It’s best to work with a licensed HVAC contractor who employs Northern American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified technicians.
  2. Choose Mitsubishi Electric, the reliable, #1 selling ductless brand in America.
  3. Choose a contractor who has earned the designation of a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor. This means your get the best warranty and a factory trained HVAC ductless contractor.

Does a lower energy bill after installing a ductless system sound too good to be true? Here is what homeowners who have installed a Mitsubishi Electric ductless system have to say:

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Watch for our next blog post where we talk about the new H2i Hyper-Heating heat pump by Mitsubishi. It’s not the heat pump of yesterday! Thank for reading– please like and share this post.