It’s Hot Upstairs!

Many of us in Northern Virginia who live in multi-level homes have one thing in common— a hot upstairs! Part of the reason these rooms on the top floor are so hot is due to the sun beating on the roof all day. And because heat rises, it’s a given that your upstairs will be hotter than the lower floors.

So what can you do to fix this trouble spot? We have found that the Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort System is ideally suited for fixing a hot upstairs and many more trouble spots in the home. This video is an overview of the single-zone and multi-zone systems available from Mitsubishi Electric and how they can help you fix the hot and cold spots in your home.

[youtube embed=”62l0wl_eH18″ autoplay=”0″ mute=”1″]


Other ideal applications for a ductless mini-split include:

  • rooms too hot or too cold
  • home renovation
  • sun rooms
  • kitchens
  • enclosed patios
  • basements
  • garages
  • pet resorts
  • bonus rooms
  • home offices
  • homes that heat with a boiler

The oppressive heat and restless nights are here! Before you think about installing that noisy window fan or window ac unit—take a look at an energy efficient ductless mini-split heating and cooling system. They come in single zone (1 to 1) for a single room like your bedroom, sun room, enclosed patio, etc… or for homes with many more trouble spots, or for older homes that have never had air conditioning, the multi-zone system can support up to eight (8) zones at a time.

Now, can you image how rested you will be for the rest of summer when your home is perfectly air conditioned and you wont have to install the noisy window ac units and fans. Call M.E. Flow, your Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor in Northern Virginia, today for a no-obligation estimate. You’ll quickly wonder why you waited so long. Call 703-539-5284.

Visit the Mitsubishi Electric official website here.