Go Hawks!! Go with “The Flow!”

It really was a night under the lights when M.E. Flow was invited to the Hayfield Secondary School on Telegraph Road in Alexandria for the dedication of their new digital score board. We arrived to a warm welcome by the school sports director and the cheerleaders who gladly posed for pictures as fans of heating, cooling and plumbing contractor M.E. Flow in Alexandria.

This was one of those times when you truly are thankful to be presented with an opportunity that supports the local community in Alexandria.

The night was filled with great energy and unexpected events when the local supporting businesses were called out onto the football field and were recognized and thanked by school members. Later, the cheerleaders presented all the local business sponsors with their Hayfield thank you package Go Hawks!and my co-worker, Rich, was called out and presented with a gift.

This was a night of great fun and games! Go Hawks!! Go with “The Flow!” And thanks again for welcoming M.E. Flow in Alexandria as one of your sponsors!