Comfort Doesn’t Have To Be Tacky!

Christmas parade

Why are these guys wearing ill fitting tacky sweaters? Why are these Santa’s running? And, why is December a great time to go with the flow and replace your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC)?

In this article you will discover a few of the important reasons why many Northern Virginians are going with “The Flow” to replace their HVAC systems and why these Santa’s are running!!

First, there is a reason why the M.E. Flow home comfort advisors are wearing these ill fitting, tacky holiday sweaters. Despite looking cool and confident in these sweaters, these guys are demonstrating that the tacky sweater, when not properly sized, will not keep you warm and cozy! No doubt… the same is true when replacing your home’s heating and cooling system.

According to Energy Star, a properly sized HVAC system and a quality installation is key to the performance of your HVAC system. One of the biggest problems many homeowners face after finding an HVAC contractor to replace their home’s HVAC system is it’s not properly sized or installed. The website states that nearly half of all HVAC equipment installed never performs to its advertised capacity — due to incorrect installation and installation of an improperly sized system for the home. Which means homeowners will pay a higher operating cost over the life of the equipment.

Although our comfort advisors are known to be trendy…supporting the tacky Christmas sweater, they are also known for helping homeowners get the right HVAC replacement system for their homes. Here’s what you get when you work with a professional home comfort advisor at M.E. Flow:

  1. Design of the perfect HVAC system–one that’s properly sized
  2. Answer all your questions
  3. Keep your system in the family budget!!

After our home comfort advisors design the perfect system, one that is properly sized for your home, the great service doesn’t stop! We then send in our team of trained installers who will give you the perfect installation which will allow your system to perform at peak efficiency, like it is designed to, and that will save you money on your energy bills!

Oh…and believe it or not these Santa’s are running to fill their sleighs with the home comfort systems designed by the professional M.E. Flow home comfort advisors! The home comfort specialists at M.E. Flow have spread their joy, their knowledge, and have teamed up with Santa to deliver their bundles of warmth, home comfort, and peace-of-mind. Yes, it appears this holiday season the homeowners in Northern Virginia do want to delight their guests with their cozy and comfortable homes!

Go with “The Flow” when replacing your furnace and you too will get the BEST installation, BEST brands, and the BEST guarantees!!

Call today for our end of the year promotions that include 0% financing on select systems, rebates up to $1,350, $500 OFF ductless heating and cooling, free Redskin footballs autographed by Brian Mitchell, and more!*

*With approved credit and on select systems.

Photo courtesy of Aunt Bonnie in Burlington, Vt.

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