Why Pay to Heat Your Whole Home When You Only Use a Few Rooms at a Time?

You can bet your bottom dollar that a ductless heating system will work for you and save you money. Moreover these systems are quick and easy to retrofit, and you save on maintenance costs because everything is easily accessible. That’s why ductless HVAC heating systems are the popular, proven way to stay warm in chilly winters, but secure in the knowledge you can turn the cooling on in summer.

Some of the advantages include:

  • Year-round comfort– with instant warmth in extreme climates
  • Energy and money savings– with inverter-driven compressor that both automatically adjusts instantly for consistent comfort. Plus, it uses 25% to 70% less energy to cool and heat your home.
  • Easy, low cost installation– because there is no ductwork to install…it’s ductless!
  • Cleaner, healthier air –thanks to allergen filtration that reduces germs, bacteria and viruses.
  • Whisper quiet operation –you can’t hear this equipment running.
  • Wireless remote control — effortlessly control the comfot of the rooms you spend time in.

If you choose the right installer you will  find your ductless heating solution working at the temperature exactly the way you want and that same day.

The biggest gain is that ductless HVAC systems are energy efficient, because you don’t have to overheat or over chill the air so it arrives the way you want it after traveling through a maze of ducts. A further huge advantage is that you only warm the rooms you want, and there are individual timers so the bathroom heating comes on at the right time in the morning.

Another big advantage is responsiveness. While the rooms on the south side of the house may maintain temperature for longer, so those facing north can go chilly quicker than you think. This is where a ductless heating solution really comes into its own. That’s because each room has its own, individual wireless remote control.

ME Flow assists homeowners and businesses in Alexandria, Leesburg, Winchester and surrounding Northern Virginia areas on how to optimize the long-term costs of keeping their homes cozy all winter long.

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