Is the water in your home creating your plumbing problems? In this article we will share with you what you might not know about your water and why it may be the real cause of your plumbing problems.

Are you looking for a plumber near you to fix a plumbing problem? Are you experiencing one too many plumbing problems? Have you ever thought the culprit could be your home’s water quality? Yes, the plumbers at M.E. Flow, who serve our three locations in Alexandria, Leesburg and Winchester, are invited into homes everyday to fix or replace something in the home that was broken by the water. It always amazes our customers when they learn that the quality of the water is the likely cause of the plumbing problem.

The water in many parts of Northern Virginia, in both well and city water…including Leesburg, is “hard” (contains dissolved calcium and magnesium). These minerals can stick to pipes and build up in appliances, reducing water pressure and damaging your appliances.

Fix your water quality with filtration and conditioning:

  • Filtration will improve the health and taste of your drinking water
  • Conditioning will reduce the scale buildup in your pipes and appliances– making them last longer!

Your home’s water may have more contaminants and chemicals than you think— even if it’s deemed safe to drink by the town you live in. Those secondary contaminants do, over time, create plumbing problems. Checkout this table published by the EPA for nuisance contaminates and the problems they create.

How can M.E. Flow help you reduce the amount of plumbing problems created by your water? Speak to one of our highly trained water quality specialists. They can offer you a FREE in-home water quality test and determine if the water quality in your home is contributing to your frequent plumbing problems. They will then review with you the recommended water treatment or conditioning to improve your water quality. Request a free in-home consultation for a water treatment system today.