When your air conditioner is not working making the decision to install a new air conditioning system is no small task. A new replacement AC system can be costly and so can needed repairs– depending on what is needed to fix your homes central air. It could be as easy as replacing the outside air conditioning unit or it could require duct work modifications, compressor and more. It’s best to start by having a trained, certified HVAC technician evaluate your system.

If indeed you do need or desire to have new ac system installed, then understanding what type you need is next. Two of the brands we specialize in are American Standard and Rheem. They are more than just big brand names. They possess the power and control to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hottest days while being extremely efficient.

These hot summer days can really put the pressure on your air conditioning system to perform. A system that is under performing will not only have your home uncomfortable, but the quality of the air in your home can also be affected. If you notice your electric bill rising as well as the temperature in your home, a new ac install may be what you need.

Look at the “News Report” video below and see what the media has to say about choosing the right type of AC unit and installation.