Are you spending more money on AC repairs? Are you having to add freon to your AC system? Have you noticed that your energy bills are getting higher?

If you have seen any of these signs, they are strong indicators that it may be time to replace your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The average life span of HVAC equipment is about 15 years. According to Energy Star, your heat pump and AC system are candidates for replacement if they are more than 10 years old. A boiler and furnace is ready to be replaced at 15 years…and that’s if they’ve been properly maintained and regularly serviced along the way!

By replacing your HVAC system you’ll significantly save on:

  • HVAC repair bills
  • Your energy bill

Energy Star recommends replacing your equipment with an Energy Star qualified system.

Remember you can prolong the life of your HVAC system by having the recommended AC and heating tune-ups performed. And just like your car— you can’t run your heating and air conditioning system for a very long time without a tune-up and expect great fuel efficiency and reliability.

So if you are noticing that your heating and air conditioner is not performing like it used to, is needing frequent charges of freon, and your energy bills are higher then you like…it could be the time to replace your home’s heating and cooling system. Why not request a free no-obligation quote from a professional home comfort advisor at M.E. Flow today.

Your home comfort advisor will:

  • Design you the perfect HVAC system
  • Answer all your questions
  • Get your new HVAC system in the family budget!

Plus, we promise to deliver a hassle-free experience along with your guaranteed satisfaction. Go with “The Flow” and call 703-777-2311 today for a free estimate to replace your heating and air conditioning system.

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AC Tune-Up Benefits