How to Fix a Hot Garage

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Are there rooms in your home that your central HVAC system simply doesn’t keep comfortable?

Do you have rooms that are too hot in the summer and in the winter too cold? If you find yourself looking for a better solution for controlling the temperature rather then using portable window AC units and heaters in the winter, then continue reading this article. In this article we will show you how our client in Leesburg was able to loose the portable window AC unit installed in his garage and deliver total comfort to everyone in his home.

The rooms that needed a solution:

  1. Walk-in closet. Yes, the closet in this house is every women’s dream! It was about the length of the garage and was perfectly organized with space on both sides for hanging, shelving, shoes, and accessories. With a beautiful built in oversized mirror as the focal point it looked like a space that would be a pleasure to get ready in. Unfortunately, it was not. The only problem with the room was it only had one HVAC register and it simply did not cool the space. The room was intolerable during the hot summer months.
  2. Garage. Our client enjoyed the extra space in his garage and to utilize it he had removed a window from the garage door and installed a window ac unit. The window ac unit worked but was loud and with the unit in the door he was unable to utilize the garage door.
  3. Corgi show dog suite. Yes, our client has 3 corgi show dogs that have there own suite! The problem was the ceiling fan did not do the job to keep the pups comfortable. The corgi dogs have a double coat and are vulnerable to overheating—and with this extreme summer it was a challenge.

So how do you fix a hot garage, an oversized walk-in closet, and other occupied hot rooms in your home?

The solution:

The typical solution to run existing ductwork from the central HVAC system was not an option. The only option, that everyone felt would work, and have the added benefit of individual control, was to install a ductless mini-split system. As you can image the tails are wagging now!

Thanks to our client in Leesburg for giving us this opportunity. With no ductwork need for the installation of a mini-split system—installation is quick and easy. The heat pump will save the client money in the winter too—no to mention how comfortable the walk-in closet, the Corgi show dog room, and the garage will be. As the winter approaches and the problems we have had with frozen pipes in the Northern Virginia area— the installation of a ductless system in your garage maybe something to think about. Give HVAC and plumbing contractor M.E. Flow in Leesburg, Alexandria, and Winchester a call today at (571) 350-3183 for an in-home consultation. Thanks for reading and going with the flow!!

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