The Secret to Making Great Tasting Coffee


Looking for that secret ingredient to brewing better tasting coffee? Have you ever wondered why your home brew does not taste like the coffee from your favorite coffee shop?

For many of us, our day does not start until we have had our morning joe. Some of us choose to buy our coffee by the cup because we can’t seem to get the taste right at home. But did you know there are four fundamentals to brewing the perfect coffee right at home…

Yes, according to one of the most popular coffee chains, Starbucks, there are four things you need in order to brew the best coffee at home and here they are:

  1. Use the proper proportion of coffee to water
  2. Select the best grind for the brewing method
  3. Use quality water
  4. Use fresh coffee.

According to Jura, a maker of coffee machines, using the right water is crucial to the taste of the coffee because the fact is that coffee consists of 98% water. In addition to calcium, minerals and fluorides, the tap water in many areas contains traces of lead, copper, aluminum and chlorine—which affect the taste of the coffee. And when you have the optimum water quality, every cup of coffee becomes a full-bodied taste experience.

So there you have it…great coffee! It’s pretty simple–a blend of two ingredients, coffee and water. But the secret is out–it’s the quality of the water that can make or break the perfect cup of coffee.

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