Have you been told that an attic fan will cool your home and will save you money on your energy bill? Before you install an attic fan, there are unintended consequences that you must know.

You’ve probably seen ads that tell you how attic fans can reduce your energy bills up to 30%, keep you cool, and prolong the life of your shingles and other roof components. In fact, an article located on the Dominion Website states, “…there is no scientific data to validate any of these points.” Before you install an attic fan it’s best to understand why you’re installing it. If you’re installing an attic fan because you think it will keep you cool— then please check out the following 5 unintended consequences an attic fan can pose to your home and your health.

  • Attic fans can pull conditioned air from other occupied areas of the home—which will cause your air conditioner to run more. The conditioned air is then replaced with the moisture filled outside air which will increase the humidity levels inside your home—making your home uncomfortable and problematic to moisture problems.
  • Attic fans can depressurize your home causing combustion/gas appliances to backdraft, potentially introducing deadly carbon monoxide into the air.
  • Utility bills are likely to increase with the attic fan running, as the air conditioner tries to cool and regulate the excess humidity being pulled into the home.
  • Radon can also be pulled from crawl spaces into the conditioned living space.
  • Attic fans can be noisy.

Check out the Dominion Website’s diagram that displays the above unintended effects. There are also many case studies written on the dangers of attic fans. This one, from Home Energy online, explains how the attic fans suck air down flues and cause indoor air quality problems for the occupants. Also stated in one study “the inspector noted that both the natural draft water heater and boiler failed their safety test—both spilled fumes for longer than one minute which can be dangerous and unhealthy!

We hope this post informed you on the dangers of attic fans and we thank, one of our service agreement customers, who sent in an email asking about an attic fan he was about to install: “I have two rooms upstairs in my home that are always too hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I’m not interested in a ductless AC system and I’m about to install an attic fan to see if that will help.”

This is what our heating and cooling expert in Alexandria explained to him:
“The attic fan will not help in the winter and there are dangers.” Terry became open to the idea of the ductless unit and accepted the invitation to view our working display in our Alexandria office.

Remember— if you have hot or cold spots in your home or other heating and cooling challenges that your central system can’t seem to regulate or manage—call us. We’ll give you an honest and upfront solution.

Solutions for hot and cold spots in your home:

  • Ductless technology — it’s a whisper quiet, energy efficient, minimally invasive, cost-effective solution and doesn’t require adding ductwork or increasing the capacity of your current system.
  • Zoning system
  • How old is your current system? Is it properly sized?—It may be time to talk with one of our comfort advisor and request a no-obligation in home estimate.

We hope this post helps you — at M.E. Flow our customers are our #1 priority. Remember–we  are the experts in air flow, and water flow— and we care! Always Free No-Obligation Estimates for System Replacements— Call today! Until next time —Heidi from M.E. Flow!