Ductless Mini-Split Can Fix Your Home’s Hot and Cold Spots

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Ductless split heating and cooling systems are becoming the new solution to fixing hot and cold spots in the home. Homeowners are simply tired of having to use bulky fans, window A/C units, and portable heaters to keep comfortable.

When summer arrives in Northern Virginia many of us who live in three story homes in Old Town Alexandria, Ashburn, and Leesburg, dread the thought of having to go through another summer with poor air circulation. Having to rely on noisy fans and portable window A/C units does not make for a restful sleep. For those in older homes who have boiler heating systems in Stephen City, Front Royal, Winchester, and Alexandria– they don’t have central air conditioning. Our customers who live in homes that heat with boiler and have no central air conditioning tell us they need a solution to keep their homes cool because their friends and family don’t want to visit because their homes are too uncomfortable! For those that don’t enjoy those extended family visits, this may be a good thing!

The good news is many homeowners in Northern Virginia are discovering and installing the ductless mini-split systems for heating and cooling –and for those that own a boiler, they are happy to hear that there are cooling only options too!

Ductless mini-splits started out in the European countries as a way to condition small space with restricted, compact construction, and ductless mini-splits are now growing in popularity in the US. Here at M.E. Flow, our customers are discovering that ductless A/C and heat pump systems are the simple solution for the hot and cold spots in their homes. By installing an energy efficient ductless mini-split system, these homeowners are lowering their energy bills and getting a better night’s sleep.

Want to learn more about the advantage of a ductless system and how you can get a 12 year warranty on a ductless split system? Call M.E. Flow today and our trained professional home comfort advisors will provide you with a no-obligation ductless heating and/or cooling solution. Call M.E. Flow today at 703-250-Flow (3569).

If you live in Northern Virginia, M.E. Flow is in your neighborhood. With office locations in Leesburg, Alexandria, and Winchester, M.E. Flow is just a 15 minute drive to Ashburn, 20 minutes to Annandale, and 14 minutes to Stephens City, VA. Call heating, air conditioning, and plumbing contractor M.E. Flow today and meet with one of our heating and cooling professionals for a quote to install a ductless mini-split system or replace your home’s furnace. M.E. Flow, Inc. is now serving West Virginia, too, with complete heating, cooling and plumbing services.

So, how do you get a 12 year warranty on a split ductless HVAC system when others may only give you a 5-7 year warranty? Click the link to our next blog post to find out. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to like and share using the links below.

Where to get a ductless mini-split in Alexandria.

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